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Features Of Polycarbonate Luggage With Tips On How To Choose

Travel and luggage are like twins – always associated with each other. For a frequent traveler, the investment in a quality set of luggage is imperative. And since the luggage itself forms part of the total luggage weight allocation for air travel, the luggage  must be light  in order to minimize unwanted extra charges. It is for this reason that lightweight luggage has been designed and polycarbonate luggage was invented. This has been a beneficial solution for many travelers. Polycarbonate luggage has become a favorite kind for luggage and hand carry bags.

The hardside luggage type has replaced the softer luggage versions. These are more durable although a little more expensive. But what is additional cost when your luggage can last twice or thrice as long as the cheaper ones. The hardside increased in popularity because travelers clamored for more durable cases to protect their belongings while in transit. Hardside luggage uses different materials such as ABS plastic, polypropene, aluminum or polycarbonate.

Of all the materials for hardside luggage, the polycarbonate is the most favored one. It reigns as the king of all hardside luggage materials. The reason is due to its very light weight.  Very meticulous bag designers consider polycarbonate one of the best materials for hardside luggage.

Outstanding features of a hardside polycarbonate luggage

  1. It is very light.  The traveler using this will avoid extra baggage fees. Its lightness enables the traveler to carry the luggage with ease. For a traveler who brings a lot on his trips, the use of a light bag is synonymous to additional baggage allocations – extra free kilos.
  2. It is very flexible. The luggage can be designed with aluminum, also light and flexible. The bag can have front pockets where small items can be placed.
  3. It has a different type of strength that protects every single item contained inside the bag. As security of belongings is vital to a traveler, then the polycarbonate hardside luggage gives assurance of protection..
  4. Durability is another feature of the polycarbonate luggage. Rough handling by  porters will no longer be a major issue among the travelers – whether you travel by land, boat or air

Buying tips on the choice of hardside luggage

  1. If you are after value for money, it is better to buy luggage in sets than individual pieces. Buying in sets will cost less.
  2. If you are a frequent traveler, it is best to buy the most durable kind.
  3. If your travel is in high risk areas, where crime is prevalent, buy a low cost luggage, if possible a replaceable type.
  4. Buy a luggage that has 4 wheels and has a 360 degree-system. This will enable easy pulling and transport.
  5. If you are not very particular with updated types, buy during the sale season when new releases are offered and the old models are sold at bargain prices.
  6. If you are a traveler with valuable items, choose a reliable luggage like the polycarbonate sets.

The final decision on the choice of luggage is still upon you – the traveler. But then keep in mind that the hardside type is in vogue nowadays and that the best is the polycarbonate luggage.