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Features Of Polycarbonate Luggage With Tips On How To Choose

Travel and luggage are like twins – always associated with each other. For a frequent traveler, the investment in a quality set of luggage is imperative. And since the luggage itself forms part of the total luggage weight allocation for air travel, the luggage  must be light  in order to minimize unwanted extra charges. It is for this reason that lightweight luggage has been designed and polycarbonate luggage was invented. This has been a beneficial solution for many travelers. Polycarbonate luggage has become a favorite kind for luggage and hand carry bags.

The hardside luggage type has replaced the softer luggage versions. These are more durable although a little more expensive. But what is additional cost when your luggage can last twice or thrice as long as the cheaper ones. The hardside increased in popularity because travelers clamored for more durable cases to protect their belongings while in transit. Hardside luggage uses different materials such as ABS plastic, polypropene, aluminum or polycarbonate.

Of all the materials for hardside luggage, the polycarbonate is the most favored one. It reigns as the king of all hardside luggage materials. The reason is due to its very light weight.  Very meticulous bag designers consider polycarbonate one of the best materials for hardside luggage.

Outstanding features of a hardside polycarbonate luggage

  1. It is very light.  The traveler using this will avoid extra baggage fees. Its lightness enables the traveler to carry the luggage with ease. For a traveler who brings a lot on his trips, the use of a light bag is synonymous to additional baggage allocations – extra free kilos.
  2. It is very flexible. The luggage can be designed with aluminum, also light and flexible. The bag can have front pockets where small items can be placed.
  3. It has a different type of strength that protects every single item contained inside the bag. As security of belongings is vital to a traveler, then the polycarbonate hardside luggage gives assurance of protection..
  4. Durability is another feature of the polycarbonate luggage. Rough handling by  porters will no longer be a major issue among the travelers – whether you travel by land, boat or air

Buying tips on the choice of hardside luggage

  1. If you are after value for money, it is better to buy luggage in sets than individual pieces. Buying in sets will cost less.
  2. If you are a frequent traveler, it is best to buy the most durable kind.
  3. If your travel is in high risk areas, where crime is prevalent, buy a low cost luggage, if possible a replaceable type.
  4. Buy a luggage that has 4 wheels and has a 360 degree-system. This will enable easy pulling and transport.
  5. If you are not very particular with updated types, buy during the sale season when new releases are offered and the old models are sold at bargain prices.
  6. If you are a traveler with valuable items, choose a reliable luggage like the polycarbonate sets.

The final decision on the choice of luggage is still upon you – the traveler. But then keep in mind that the hardside type is in vogue nowadays and that the best is the polycarbonate luggage.

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Plastic Luggage Covers

Protect Designer Luggage With Plastic Luggage Covers

Luggage covers, especially the plastic luggage covers, are wise purchases for travelers. For a very minimal amount, the luggage is protected from wear and tear that usually happens during trips. If less expensive and generic luggage is protected with a luggage cover, how much more should a designer luggage be? Can you imagine the price of a Luis Vuitton or Armani luggage? Only the rich can afford these kinds of travel bags – the price tag is  thousands of dollars. Luggage covers comes in different styles, sizes, colors and prints. But if your luggage is one of a famous designer, you might not want to hide it. So – would you just let it be subjected to the harsh treatment of baggage handlers? You should not! To give justice to its brand, at the same time protecting it, use a clear plastic luggage cover.   

The best material for plastic luggage cover is the clear vinyl plastic. The 12 gauge vinyl plastic is used for plastic luggage cover. This material is ultra durable and high quality. There are waterproof protective covers that will shield your precious luggage during rainy day trips. While on the airport conveyor, your luggage is protected from scratches as it bumps with other luggage. With a protective cover, you are assured that at the end of your trip, your luggage will look as good and new. 

A plastic protective cover is recommended for the expensive and designer luggage. It would be a great shame to hide the beauty of the luggage, not to mention the brand name. With a clear plastic cover, the original appearance is still prominently displayed to be admired by the travelling public. The plastic cover which has cut out areas allows for handle and wheels to be accessible. There are designs that can be conveniently zipped and unzipped. When inspection at the airport is done, the plastic cover can easily be removed to allow for the  inspection of the luggage contents.

The plastic luggage cover does not only protect the exterior of a bag. Since the presence of plastic cover bars easy opening of the luggage, then whatever is inside the bags is protected. The luggage cannot be opened easily and with extreme facility by potential thieves.

Plastic luggage covers are made to fit all sizes of luggage and travel bags. They can cling and fit to the luggage making it adhere as second skin to the bag. Some models have draw strings which when pulled will make the plastic cover fit perfectly to the luggage.

Plastic covers will not cause any problem when checking-in at the airport. These covers had been in existent for a number of years. Many of them have already successful passed airport custom and there has been no problem during inspection. Using a plastic cover for your luggage will not bring any problem during check-in. This is guaranteed.

Plastic luggage covers abound. Every traveler needs to know the benefit that is derived from a plastic luggage cover especially if the travelling bag or luggage is one of a designer brand.

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Luggage Protective Cover – Your Luggage’s Protection, Accessory And Identification

Luggage Protective Cover – Your Luggage’s Protection, Accessory And Identification

Every person happens to travel at least once in their lifetime. And even if travelling is not very frequent, still investing on a luggage is advisable, especially when the item is sold at discounted price. Luggage does not come cheap – a luggage protective cover is the solution to problems with scratches, stains and tears of luggage. Along with the luggage, there is a need to buy a luggage protective cover and immediately use it the first instant the new luggage is used. In doing so, the life of the luggage can be extended for several years.

Protective cover is not solely for protection. It is an awesome accessory. It is also a nice identification to your luggage.

Luggage cover as protection

A luggage protective cover is used to spare the luggage from scratches, stains, grease and tears. When travelling by air, the luggage is placed without care on the carousel and conveyors. Baggage handlers just throw them into the trolleys. On land travel, it is just dumped in the car baggage compartment. When on board a ship, they can just be tossed unceremoniously inside your cabin. In cases like this, when no particular care is provided, you can be sure your luggage will not last long. In no time, you will find it full of stains and scratches. The best thing to do is wrap it with a protective luggage cover . This way, not only is the luggage protected, but the contents of the luggage are also shielded.

Luggage cover as accessory

Lady travelers are particular on the appearance of their bags. There are some who even put decorations on the bags. Beautiful and expensive name tags are put on the handles just to accessorize the travel bag. There are different kinds, designs and materials for a luggage protective cover. The plain and simple luggage can be made a stand-out by wrapping it with an attractive protective cover. There are different materials for the luggage cover. The floral and printed ones are good enough to bring color and beauty to the luggage. There are many styles to choose from. The protective cover will accessorize and bring uniqueness to your travel bag or luggage.

Luggage cover as identification

Luggage protective covers have many designs. If you want to identify your luggage easily, you can choose a design that will make your bag different from other bags. Common colors of luggage are brown, black and gray. If you put protective cover with bright colors like neon green or gold or any bright color, you will be able to identify your bag from afar. A printed cover could also easily catch your attention to help you locate your bag.  

The price of luggage is high and use of protective luggage cover will definitely extend the life of your travel bag. The price of your protection is just a little percentage of the price of the luggage. Thus it can be said that for a little amount you benefit a lot! So – purchase a luggage cover for protection, accessory and identification. 

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Benetton Luggage

The Colorful World Of Benetton Is Now Found In Benetton Luggage

United Colors of Benetton has been known globally for the quality of everything in its product line. The company was launched in 1935 by Italian siblings Luciano, Giuliana, Guilberto and Carlo. Originally a clothing company, Benetton now offers the consumers a wide array of fashionable consumer items including the Benetton luggage. Benetton has been identified with vibrant colors and a Benetton luggage is identifiable with the colors associated with a Benetton product.

United colors of Benetton has now invaded 120 countries around the world and from its United Colors of Benetton brand, the company has diversified in to the glamorous Sisley brand and the Playlife leisure brand. Although wearing apparels is the forte of United Colors of Benetton, all other items in the product line is symbol of stylist design and superiority quality. Moving from the garments industry to all kinds of accessories, Benetton has included in its product line different kinds of bags and luggage. It has travel bags, tote bags, and luggage. Benetton’s luggage is the hardside and wheeled models. Wherever you chance to travel, carrying a set of Benetton luggage bags will surely protect all those important belongings and personal items.

For Benetton luggage, the models include Subway, Millenium, Gulliver, Mozart and Planet. Other models are Century, Fly, Urban, Blink, Igloo and Trotter. There may be some other styles. However, the Benetton brand is easy to identify – the blazing colors of green, purple, blue, yellow, fuchsia, black, silver, gray and red. The colors are indeed bright and vibrant and when amongst other luggage, stand out because of the color.

Benetton luggage is hardside. As hardside luggage is more durable, a tra veler who purchases a Benetton luggage gets the impression that the bag will be lasting. They come in sizes ranging from 20, 21, 22, 24, 26 and 29 inch widths. The hardside  has a hard abs shell which is unlike other brands that use nylon.  Another feature of a Benetton luggage is its being water resistant. Every luggage has large compartments and comes with optional strap and wheels.

There is still another very outstanding feature of a Benetton luggage. The products are ergonomic. The handles and wheels are smooth. All materials used in the Benetton luggage are hard wearing materials that give full assurance of durability.

The Benetton collection of luggage is very apt for cool travelers as well as pleasure seeking tourists. Even children can enjoy the Benetton product as there are hand carry bags for children travelling with parents. Their hand carry bags can be made to match the parent’s luggage. With Benetton luggage, you definitely travel in comfort and style. Benetton travel bags are symbol of technological excellence. There are a lot of styles to choose from but every Benetton patron can be assured that each and every product exudes high quality.

United Colors of Benetton has proved the quality of its products and because of this, anyone who will use the Benetton luggage can have confidence of the quality of travel bags he brings along. More products can be found on line and searching the internet will show the different models and colors of the different luggage available.

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Suitcase Covers

Protect And Accessorize Your Luggage With Suitcase Covers

Which one do you prefer? Frequent replacement of luggage and bags or a one time purchase of a durable kind?  If you are more interested in buying a high quality luggage to use for years to come, then it is best to protect your luggage with suitcase covers. Many travelers are brand conscious and they buy luggage from exclusive designers. Bags like Louis Vuitton or Gucci luggage sets will cost you a fortune. However, these are preferred by the elite group of travelers. It would be such a waste of money to leave these kinds of luggage without suitcase covers. If you have a designer bag or luggage, protect them with a roll-up suitcase protector.

Behind the airport counter, do you see how the baggage handlers treat your beloved luggage? They are throwing it around. If only a bag could shout out for help, you could hear them wail and cry. Your bags are deliberately and without concern thrown. Imagine how they bounce as the bags come in contact with those baggage handlers, airport conveyors and carousels. They are a pitiful sight in car trunks and cargo trucks.

It is time for you to think of protective suitcase covers. The inevitability of protecting the luggage is imminent. There are many kinds of suitcase covers. You can get canvas, ballistic nylon, opaque, waterproof, or clear plastic suitcase covers. There are also fabric protective suitcase covers. Styles also differ so there are stretchable and elastic suitcase covers. The luggage cover is now being treated as luggage accessory.   It now assumes the dual purpose of accessorizing and protecting. Although the decision is yours, it is still good to know the different features of a luggage cover.

Suitcase cover features

  • As the purpose is to safeguard your bag, you should choose the best protective luggage cover.
  • It must be durable, they will add years to the life of your suitcase.
  • It should fit snugly to your bag so that it will not have a crumpled look and appearance.
  • As bags are opened at the airports, your suitcase cover must be easy to install – perhaps a simple slip on.
  • Its lock and zipper must be a protection against accidental opening. The pulling of zippers should not be a cause for scratches, tears and scuffs on the bag.
  • There must be opening for retractable handle, side handles and wheels.
  • It is good to buy bright colored or distinctive prints so that your luggage can be easily spotted.
  • If you travel by water transportation, then you should choose a suitcase cover that is waterproof.

Many luggage owners who are frequent travelers buy really expensive luggage. To show-off for these kinds, the clear plastic covers are recommended. The luggage is protected and at the same time the designer brand is not concealed.

Suitcases cost a traveler hundreds of dollars. It would be a waste of so much money if the luggage is subjected to improper handling. Scratches and tears are a despicable sight. So, the best thing to do about your luggage is to accessorize and protect them with suitcase covers.